More Dean Martin / Jerry Lewis Shower Pics Surface

Who would have thought that 2021 would be the year that nude photos of Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis would drop… and keep dropping?

Well – I guess the guy who is selling them on eBay knew, but the rest of us continue to be surprised by the release of these playful pics. I first wrote about them here in a post that was picked up by a dozen websites around the world, including the Advocate. Since then, two other pics have surfaced.

This photo, which I added to the previous post, sold on eBay for a whopping $1,600:

The pictures were part of a 2018 Sotheby’s auction of items belonging to Frank Branda, Jerry Lewis’s driver and assistant. The auction description listed “4 candid photographs of Lewis and Martin in a steam room and shower, Lewis posing modestly, Martin less so.”

To recap – three of the four recently sold on eBay:

It wasn’t a complete surprise that the most recent photo popped up for auction, as it was partially visible on the Southeby’s website. SothebysCropped, low-res versions of this shot and a couple of others are also on Pinterest, with captions that they were taken at the Palm Springs El Mirador Hotel in 1952.


While I was able to clean up the sauna and first shower shots by removing the eBay seller’s watermark, which was strategically placed over Dean & Jerry’s nether regions, this time around the cheeky monkey has opted for a post-it note on Dean’s dong.

Damn Post-it Note.

Ah well. Nice pic nonetheless.

This appears to be the end of this lot of photos… but it is possible that there are others out there….

11 thoughts on “More Dean Martin / Jerry Lewis Shower Pics Surface

  1. Will be interesting to see how it sells. I wonder who buys it and what happens. Maybe it does get out online and we see it. Maybe the Dean Martin Family trust buys is and forever locks it away.


  2. I get that guys goof around a lot but considering these were taken around the time of the McCarthy witch hunts and at a time when photos like this could get the average American arrested by police for being gay it seems both bold and strange for two men who are simply friends to take such a huge risk.


  3. The human body is a beautiful thing. There is nothing offensive about these photographs, because they’re not phonographic.
    Personally, I find them adorable!

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  4. Many high end health/athletic clubs were men only back in those days. Mandatory nude swimming, sauna/steam room and showering was not uncommon. The New York Health and Racquet club was men only with mandatory nude swimming well into the ‘90’s.


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